Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kids' newspaper app

Here is a smart phone app that allows you to translate adult language into children’s language. By placing your phone on top of what you want to read, it translates it and makes it more understandable for children.

There are a few problems with this app and that is that as a child myself, if I did not know something I would ask my parents, therefore we would engage in a conversation, but if you knew everything because of the app you wouldn’t talk to your parents. Also, if you keep on using the app you might not understand a newspaper without it.

Why do we split the languages into two? (Adult and children). Why can’t we have one? Or why can’t the newspaper be made for children so that everyone can understand it? Another good idea would be to make an app that translates a language into another in the same way.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Google Glasses

Here is something I have found interesting in a YouTube clip.  They are the Google Glasses. These glasses allow you to do everything that you can do on your smart phone, but on the glasses. Just by speaking you’re in control of ringing or texting someone. This is useful because if you lose your phone you could use the glasses.

To expand the Google Glasses their next invention could be to make Google contact lenses. So if you do not like wearing glasses you could wear them instead. If you wear glasses temporarily, do you have to take them off? Maybe that could be their next step.

There is only one problem with the glasses and that is that you are spending too much time looking at a screen, also that you might not pay attention to people around you. Another good idea is the Google car.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

iPad app reviews

Coaster Crazy, New York 3D, Vyclone, Paper Fifty Three, and Doors and Rooms are the five iPad apps I use the most.

Coaster crazy
Coaster crazy is not only an app that is fun; you also have to think about how you position your roller coaster. The people on your roller coaster are very life like because they actually throw up. The aim of the game is to build a roller coaster so you can make money. Despite the app being free you have to buy things. What I like about the app is that you feel like you are on a real roller coaster.

New York 3D A game similar to coaster crazy, but this app takes you on a crazy roller coaster around New York. There are levels to unlock and races to be done after you have completed the track. My first impression on New York 3D was “wow!!! It would be even better if you could go around your own city or a 3D trip around any city using Google earth.

This app allows you to create your own film at the same time, at the same place, and with other people. So it looks like a real film with many camera angles. This is useful when you are at any event.

 Paper 53
A brilliant drawing app. Although the app itself is free, you have to pay £1.49 to buy other brushes. This app is good for people that like drawing and sketching. The brushes you can get are a ink pen, a sketch pencil, a big marker, a writing pencil, and a brush. I think the app is quite good because you get to try out a pen or pencil before you buy it. and Rooms

You are stranded in a room; you have to somehow get out. You pick up things then they go into your inventory, you can either dismantle them, combined them, use them, or observe them. There are levels to be done, when you complete all the levels you move onto the next chapter. I like Doors and Rooms because you have to think about what you do and find clues. The further you go on in the game, the harder it gets.   

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to create your own 3D image

Scientists have discovered how to make a 3D image with a webcam and sunshine. I recently found out from a magazine called New scientist. It is all down to how sunshine bounces off surfaces at different times of the year.  A scientist called Austin Abrams said “In some cases, we can capture the 3D structure of individual shingles on a rooftop.”